Ho’omau Ranch – A Unique Hawaiian Ranch Stay

Not all ranches are the same. Like most ranches Hoomau Ranch has horses and cattle, paniolos and a unique quality of life, but Hoomau Ranch has more. Ho’omau Ranch contains some of the key native elements not found much or at all elsewhere.

Some species that reside of fly over the ranch include the endemic ope’epe’a (bat), and the birds (amakihi, apapane, ‘elepaio, ‘io, pueo, ua’u and indigenous ‘ake’ake).  Others might wonder at the  critically endangered tree species, Hawaiian loulu palm.

Guests can now stay at Ho’omau Ranch! Gum Design created their logo and website.

 Our goal was to get a professional website up and be able to work with it ourselves as we move forward with our business.  Julie really helped us achieve that goal.  I look forward to working further with GUM as we grow our business.  I was very happy with the results.​

It was wonderful to get a fresh look at business from a website designer’s eyes.  Great!  It gave me a better perspective of what a website should offer.​   They helped us see what was important to share with others. ~ Kamaile Rafaelovich, Owner