Garden Club of Honolulu

Garden Club of Honolulu redesigned their public website and overhauled their private member to better serve their member needs. The Garden Club of Honolulu members stimulate knowledge and love of gardening, horticulture, floral design, and nature photography; and promote and participate in the restoration, improvement and protection of the environment through programs and action in conservation, civic improvement, and education.

Garden Club of Honolulu is a non-profit organization.

I am so grateful to the colleague who recommended Gum Design when I chaired a committee redesigning our nonprofit’s website.

From our initial contact to their proposal submission, the design process and delivery of our site, Gum consistently impressed me with their professionalism, clear communication, attention to detail and flexibility.

Our new website engages our membership with both visual and functional elegance. I unreservedly recommend Gum Design.

Dawn Yoshimura Sinclair