Hawaiian Health Information Corporation

We helped reinvent the way the website worked for the company. Together we made a static website become a money and interested generating tool for HHIC. Revamped with responsive design, electronic product delivery and a place to fully communicate with their customers, the new HHIC website is a robust and successful product.

Visit HHIC.org

Gum Design is super wonderful Julie and Christian…from awesome customer service to professional design and always dependable client support. You have never disappointed. Mahalo for your ongoing collaboration with our little business!
You are terrific!

If others asked, “Why Gum?” what would you tell them? Gum is creative, professional, and has awesome customer service. Gum Took the time to understand our business and our website requirements. They were creative with us in designing a website with a fresh, techy-cool look. They introduced a eCommerce component that we can build on as we grow. The website allows us to introduce our company to new visitors as well as serve our existing clients. They hit our target goals to have a better brand reflection and support internal operations.

Jill Miyamura, PhD
Vice President COO
Hawaii Health Information Corp.