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Mobile Web Design for Fair Wind

Mobile First

Research shows that customers book on mobile devices. A positive mobile experience is an imperative objective, so our development process follows a ‘mobile first’ approach.  The mobile users experience is enjoyable and informative with slim navigation, optimized images and minimal approach.

Social Second

Hand in hand with the ‘handy’ is social interaction and the utmost importance it plays within customer decision journey.  Finding meaningful ways to bring together social and offerings is critical to success.

“We’ve had the good fortune of working with GUM Design for the past 7-years. Everything from website re-builds, maintenance, upgrades, custom programming, online booking integration, & much more! They are very upfront and honest with every project, providing realistic timelines & cost estimates. Most importantly, they treat our business like their own – truly looking out for our company’s best interests – and with unparalleled professionalism throughout. Most recently, GUM Design completed a full re-design of our website. The results (both visually and technically) have exceeded our expectations. It is clean, simple, elegant – and EFFECTIVE! Guests are constantly saying how stunning the new website is, regardless of what device they’re using. GUM managed to showcase our cruise descriptions and images perfectly – which have truly resulted in awe-inspiring first impressions and higher booking conversion rates. We couldn’t be happier with the end result!”

Offerings Cruise Together

Brands often umbrella several distinct product offerings. Marketers need creative solutions to keep the coherent brand and highlighting the best features of each division.  Within Fair Wind, an open and transparent approach enhances three distinct tour offerings, family, adventure and sport fishing.  Most business have a variety of target audiences and brands need creative ways to address each one, without alienating the other, or losing cohesion of the brand value.

Brand Alignment

Adding Value – Educating Customers

Marketing is an opportunity to inform and educate customers. By creating free quality and informative content, customers learn your values. When their values align with your product offerings you create trust. People buy from people they trust.  Dedicated landing page for each value offering will influence customers on their purchasing journey and position you as the trusted authority.

Added Value

Timeline Story

Ever read an “About Us” page? Do you remember it?

We strive to design creative and interesting ways to showcase company personality and make those brands stand out from the competition. Fair Wind took an unique and fun way to chronicle the Dant family escapades through a retro-photo timeline.  While they might offer a three hour tour, that’s not how the story starts.

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