Preparation: Profile Answers

h4. Profiles, More Questions than a Doctor’s Office

Creating a profile is fun. If you haven’t already revisited your business plan and defined some goals, do so. Your profile represents your company’s unique advantage – *YOU*! Each of your answers and actions should push your company toward your goal.

Is it related that your cat threw up on your rug? Only if you are selling cat food.

Is it important to include you are attending a seminar on better management skills – you bet, it shows your initiative in learning and improving.

Here is a list of *_some_* questions socialmedia websites ask you. Often there are settings which allow you to show these to the public, your friends or no one. After you enroll, you still need to post something, so save some energy and ideas for the actual content too.

*A note on privacy.* If you are concerned with having your real name and contact information on the Internet, consider one of the following courses of action. If you’re already selling your company, your contact information is already widely available. Double check all profile settings to share only what you are comfortable with. Some companies create an employee purely for online representation.

h4. Basics

* Screen Name
* Real Name
* Birthday
* Email
* Location
* IM
* Picture

h4. Interests:

* Favorite Books
* Favorite Music
* Interests
* Occupation
* About Me

h4. Comments – Forums & Blogs

* Are you accepting comments on your blog?
* Who can comment?
* Who gets notified?
* Who will moderate these comments?

h4. Sign Ups and Notifications

If you have a newsletter sign up, usually you can customize your messages. Write something for each one of these:

* Sign up (why, how often, what’s in it for me?)
* Confirm sign up page (redirect after submitting)
* Confirm sign up email (email sent get immediately; if its double opt in, there will be two of these)
* Remove from list page (please don’t go!)
* Remove from list confirmation page (your gone, come back!)
* Remove from list email confirmation (really, sorry, please come back)
* Forward to a Friend message or page