Web Based Software

By Julie Engelhardt

Web technology is expanding every day and in the not too distant future, all software will be web based. Instead of installing single license software on a specific computer, software will be licensed on a per user basis and accessed via the Internet. Website development should be no different.

Your website should be more than a static brochure page. Your website should be a communication tool, not only with your customers, but to your network of business people like employees, departments, distributors and shareholders. For all of these people to be able to communicate online, everyone needs to be able to update information on the website. The crux of many businesses’ website problem is the inability for everyone to update their portion of the website.

Big business has had an advantage. They could finance custom programming that allows their business network to communicate using their websites. Small businesses haven’t been able to afford this. The most common way small businesses keep a website current is to give one person the necessary skills, software and responsibility. This is not usually by choice or efficiency, but because somebody has to do it! Company websites suffer and simultaneously, so does the return.

The solution is finally available to every sized business. Technology has evolved enough to support AFFORDABLE websites that allow anyone with basic computer skills to update a website.

The technology has been there for a long time. Until now, administrative components were added to big business websites with custom programming. Programmers have stopped reinventing the wheel and begun to build the vehicle. It’s evolved with the contribution of a world of Internet engineers to make the World Wide Web a practical and useful tool for everyone.

What is administrative component?
An administrative component is web based software that allows you to manage your website. There are many kinds of administrative components; some can control design, some can control content, some can do both and more. Our websites are built with administrative components that allow you to control content, images and text, without worrying about the look and feel style of the website.

There are advantages to web based software. Web based software is continuously developing, so there are no upgrade costs. Web based software can be accessed from any computer that has Internet access. Web based software can be accessed from any number of computers simultaneously. You can have your whole office using the same software without install costs and hassle. Current trend still prices per user (like traditional software has per license), but this may change as the market place becomes more competitive. Web based software can be less expensive because companies don’t have to pay for hardware, packaging, and shipping.

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