Wikoff Combs & Co., LLC

Wikoff Combs & Co., LLC reach its 40th anniversary and Gum assisted them with a banner logo and new website in support of this milestone. The people at Wikoff are passionate, caring and dedicated to their clients. The website’s clean look and refined information is a tribute to their attention to detail and experience.

We were fortunate to support Catha Lee Combs and the wonderful staff at Wikoff during this momentous year.


In connection with our 40th anniversary, we wanted a new look for our website and more control over the content. Gum Designs helped create a vibrant, polished presentation for our online presence. We had minimal modifications to their proposed designs and layouts. Training on how to update the website was also easy to understand and personalized. Our staff and clients are proud of the new website and prospective clients and employee applicants have mentioned our website – a big change from our outdated, word-ridden old website. We promote traffic to our website now so others can get to really know who our team is and a difference we can make in their lives!

Catha Combs

Managing Director | CPA