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Making Great Results

We’ve privileged with interesting, long-term client partnerships.

Client Industries

Serving Hawaii’s Unique Market Segments

Fair Wind Mobile Design

Tour Operators & Travel Destinations

Gum Design has served many clients from the tourism industry, including the Big Island Visitor’s Bureau, Hawaii Forest & Trails, Fair Wind Cruises, and numerous other tour operators and travel destinations to develop local branding and produce winning online results.

Featured Tour & Travel Projects

Health & Medical

Serving community health centers, doctor offices, optometrists, ophthalmologists, dentists, and other medical professionals to produce winning online results.

Featured Health & Medical

Portfolio & Showcase

Let Your Work Shine. Your work is the focus. Ours provides the finishing frame.

Featured Portfolio Designs

Humanity: Community Interest Groups

Gum Design serves community interest groups, such as HOPE Services, Office of Social Ministry, and Hawaii Food Basket. We’ve been long-term partners with Parker Ranch who leads the Waimea community in health, education, energy and sustainable development.

Featured Community Work

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